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Hydrolab is a company that designs, produces and provides service of water purification systems for laboratory purposes.

For 20 years Hydrolab has been introducing and implementing newest technologies of water purification by mechanical filtration, adsorption, iron removal, softening, membrane technologies (reverse osmosis, microfiltration, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration), as well as usage of 185nm and 254nm UV radiation and deionization.

In our offer we have more than a hundred models of water purification systems. On the basis of our experience and research, we designed and developed three series of demineralizers: TECHNICAL, HLP and SPRING, as an ideal solution fitting all of the requirements of a modern laboratory in areas of ultrapure water supply. We also made a variety of unique and innovative solutions that extend our standard offer. These are: BASIC, ULTRA, R, PLUS and industrial systems: SPRING and TECHNICAL.

Demineralizers may be used in analytical laboratories, as well as dental operating rooms, beauty salons, and industries: electronic, food, chemical, pharmaceutical etc. Hydrolab offers complex services of quick and comfortable supplying laboratories with the highest quality water, giving advices in matters of a demineralized water supply – providing support from planning to installation (with full IQ, OQ, PQ documentation).

The company has implemented the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management certificate in areas of design, production and service of water purification systems, which guarantees high quality of our products and services.


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